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achieve BALANCE via innovative stress reduction + detoxifying THERAPies

achieve BALANCE via innovative stress reduction + detoxifying THERAPiesachieve BALANCE via innovative stress reduction + detoxifying THERAPies

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 At Centered Health Spa, we believe that a true state of health is achievable by everyone--if they find the proper tools and dwell with intention in a deeply relaxing and restorative environment.  

Our Foundational Tool


Health and balance are achieved when the body, mind, and spirit are simultaneously at ease. Our BioResonance scans combine brilliant German engineering and the ancient wisdom found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We offer this real-time, non-invasive, non-subjective stress assessment technology by appointment only. BioResonance, also known as BioFeedback when the client is attached to the device via a harness, is safe, gentle, and relaxing. What are your health goals? We have thousands of programs at our fingertips.

Learn to Listen to Your Body


Everything in the universe is comprised of energy. All matter is compressed energy. We use these principles in our innovative yet time-tested therapies. Anyone who is experiencing any type of physical, emotional, or spiritual stress, or has felt stressed or unbalanced in the past, should consider booking an initial appointment. We pair BioFeedback with an individualized combination of far infrared heat therapy, salt therapy, and ozone therapy. The client is always in control of their own healing and progress. We are honored to help others along on their journeys toward centeredness.


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